Keep Santa Alive

Does it harm a child to believe in Santa? For many of us, those days are the happiest we have had. The excitement and wonder of the wonders of Santa, Mrs. Claus, the Elves, the Reindeer, etc. kept us waiting in anticipation for weeks. We learned all of the stories about Santa Claus and watched cartoons and movies about him. We even read or had our family read books about him to us.

When we grew up and learned the truth for some of us it was a sad time, but for most of us we felt that we had outwitted our parents. For me it was a mixture of the two. I had a feeling for a while and then as children at school began to nudge me along I felt compelled to check things out for myself.

So I looked through our house for where my parents could have hidden presents. It took me days to find them, but when I did I felt as if someone had punched me in the stomach. Were my parents trying to trick me? All this time I believed and it was all a fake? When I asked my mother about Santa, she continued to reply with her normal answers. But I prodded her and she soon knew I suspected something.

Thats when she told me the whole story. But the way she told me lessened the blow. It wasnt a trick, it was something parents did to help children have fun and to teach them about giving. Now it was my turn to help her and my Dad to keep Santa alive for my younger sister and for all other younger children.

I then felt grown up and wanted to keep Santas spirit going as much as I could. I became an actor in the story and loved every minute. I made the decision to keep Santa alive for my children as long as possible too. My 8 year old still believes.

We help her by having her write a letter to Santa and make sure that she writes it politely. She visits him and reads about him. Now she can see his flight on the the internet thanks to NORAD. We put out cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.

How do you feel about the story of Santa and your children? What are some traditions you keep to keep Santa alive?

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