Book Review SteamPotVille

Author: If you know Steve Ouch from Twitter then you know he is nothing short of hilarious. If you know that hes the author of SteamPotVille and see some of the illustrations from said book, youll say, aha because it all fits into place.

Only someone with the mind of Steve Ouch could come up with something like this:


Illustrations: And thats just the beginning. Theres 40 pages of amazing stuff like this. The kind of illustrations that have you looking at them to see if youve missed something, to check out all the colors, the animals and what in the world theyre doing too. If I had the book in hand (copies are to be released soon) Id be turning the book all around to see every detail. And you so know that you would be too.

Plot: A childs dream about a place filled with animals who do strange things. The whole book has a dreamy quality to it and it allows your childs imagination to go wild.

Buy It: Right now the best way to find out how to purchase this book is to keep an eye on the SteamPotVille blog. You can also follow Steve Ouch on Twitter and read and subscribe to his blog. The cost of the book is $13.99. Hopefully it will be available in time for Christmas.

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