Report Card Rewards

I dont reward my daughter for her good grades on her report card. Call me a mean Mom. To me, thats a compliment. Her reward for good grades are just that, her grades.

Library report card--5th grade

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You see, my daughter understands that she has to go to school. She enjoys learning because it is something that weve instilled in her since she was a baby. I read to her as an infant, we surrounded her with educational and fun toys, we took her everywhere with us. She had a library of books before she was born and a library card before she could read or write. Shes been to story time, parties, childrens festivals, parks, plays, etc.

When she began school, it was a huge deal for all of us and we let her know that this was her job. We are involved in her school work and her school. Her homework and studying comes first before TV, telephone calls, playing games.

Believe me she has fun! She loves being on the computer, playing video games, reading and playing with her friends. She gets to enjoy all those things in moderation. And many of the rewards she gets for good behavior at home include these things.

We also dont push her to get good grades, but to try her best and to enjoy the process of learning. If she has a problem with something in school, for example, math, we find some games to help her with it. I let her teacher and the school reward her for her grades. I love her for her effort and for her curiosity.

I do understand that there are circumstances when rewards for grades are necessary so this is not a post to judge anyone who uses them for their children. This is what I have done with my daughter is now 22 and in graduate school and will continue to do with my 10 year old daughter because its what I believe is best for us.

What do you do with your children when they get they good grades?

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