The Green Teen Book Review

The Green Teen: The Eco-Friendly Teens Guide to Saving the Planet by Jenn Savedge is a book on a mission: teach teenagers how to positively impact the environment easily and quickly. The method used to reach this goal is to:

  • Provide tips that teens and tweens care about (clothing, shopping, school, cars)
  • Profile green teens who share what they are doing to inspire them
  • Include facts to back up the tips and the current environmental problems
  • List websites for information

Easy read:  This can be picked up and read between classes. Theres tons of tips, but since it is written in chapters that are broken up into distinct categories, like Green Your Lunch and Green Giving your interest is piqued so you can grasp it easily.

Humor: This is a fun book! I loved the phrases the author uses like, American Idles for cars that take a long time to warm up before they start and Trim Your Wasteline for recycling.

Put It To Work: There are a number of events and programs that are outlined in detail so that the reader, a group of friends, a class or even an entire school can start one. For example, you can learn how to begin a school recycling program or organize a green event.

Who Should Read This: Although this book is aimed towards teens, some younger children who read well or who are interested in the environment will learn a great deal from this book. Parents and teachers can take advantage of the information too and inspire their children and students to go green.

About The Author: Jenn Savedge is a mother and former Park Ranger. She truly cares about the environment and writes a blog focusing about this.

Buy The Book:  You can purchase The Green Teen from New Society Publishers directly, from or from Barnes& for $14.95.

For more information on the book, the author and to read an excerpt visit The Green Teen online. Looking for other ways to go green? Head over to and sell your MacBook.

This review courtesy of the author and publisher.

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