Teach Children To Donate This Summer

Taking time during the summer to teach your children is something that we often do as parents. I try to do it so that it is fun and possibly sneaky! Im focusing on teaching my daughter about donating.

Her toy box is full to the brim with toys and games she no longer uses. She has small Disney toys that she used to play with and then decided to keep as a collection, but now those are taken over with newer video games, books, trading cards and stuffed animals. She just has too much. I dont want her to sell her things or trade them, instead I want her to give them away. I want her to learn how it feels to give from the heart, to help people in need.

  • We have a local thrift store that we learned about through our church. I make donations there and have brought her with me when Ive done that and to shop there. She has met the men and women that have been helped through their programs and the Pastor who oversees the programs. We are going to go through some of her belongings and donate them to this local charity.
  • Next, we are going to give away some of her puzzles and craft supplies to the nursing home where my aunt resides at now. This will help her see her items being used by people she knows.
  • Another great idea is to sell your iPhone or iPad on Itemcycle. You can use the money made from selling your device to donate to your local charity.
  • Well also gather some books for her school library. We can bring them there this summer. Again, shell get to see them in action.
  • Another idea Ive come across is ClutterClast. Darryle Pollack has begun this trend on her blog. What you do is take a photo of an item, put it on your blog with a story about it. Then wait for comments of what to do with it. Someone may want it for themselves, or to give it to a friend. You mail it off to them. They take a photo of themselves and the item and send it to you so you can post it on your blog. This is a lot of work for me right now, but if my daughter is willing to do it, Ill help her here. If youre interested, you can sign up for ClutterClast on Ning.

The fun part comes in when my daughter feels what its like to give and feel good about it. The thrift store may be the hardest but if I bring her to make her donation in person, Im sure that she will be told and shown how important her gift is.

How do you teach your children to give or donate?

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