Childrens Sports This Summer

Children need to be active and to take part in sports especially during the summer. While my daughter is in school, she has Physical Education only once every few weeks and recess only once in a while. When she gets home, we try to get her to go outside and run around in some way, shape or form. The problem is that school work always comes first.

This summer, we are working on prying her off the computer, away from books (not that its bad for her to be reading!) and the TV so she can work off some energy, and learn about being a team player. She loves PE but doesnt like the competition factor of group sports. What ends up happening with her is that she gets upset when she is compared to other children. In PE, there is a teacher who is responsible for allowing every student to take part in the games that they play, doesnt allow children to bully others, and provides different levels of sports for her students.

How do we accomplish this on our own? Weve decided to have play dates in which sports are the main focus, including basketball, hockey and good old fashioned games like hide and seek. When we as parents oversee these games, we can allow the children to play kindly with each other. Another thing were doing is enrolling our daughter into swimming lessons. This is to help her gain confidence. Hopefully this will enable her to take part in competitive sports if she is interested later on.

Weve seen both the good and bad in sports with our older daughter who was on a roller hockey team and a school track team. Parents often were the worst offenders, who used foul language, became angry with coaches and referees and made what should be a pleasant time for children, a difficult time. is working towards changing the environment of childrens sports. They provide resources for coaches and parents and support volunteer sports programs. They are funded by Liberty Mutual.

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