Mother Of The Bride Responsibilites

Being a mother of the bride comes with responsibilities. As happy as I am that my daughter is getting married this Sunday, I am aware that I have many things to take care of too. First and most importantly, I am there to help my daughter cope with the stress of planning for her wedding, her nerves as the wedding date gets closer and to let her vent when she needs to let go of some steam.

Actual Mother of the Bride Resposibilities:

  • Along with the Brides father, if this is the case, decide on the budget of the wedding. (If parents are paying for wedding.)
  • Assist Bride choose her gown. (I did give opinions when asked, but otherwise allowed my daughter to choose her gown on her own while I was there.)
  • Help Bride to decide on location of wedding and reception. (I did not do this because the wedding is being held where my daughter and her fiance live.)
  • Help with decisions about the wedding. If you are paying, you have more say than if you are not. Still, remember this is your daughters wedding! Because we planned this wedding long distance, we did most of the planning online. (I gave input where asked, but I did not push my ideas on to her. This is one of the most challenging things to do.)
  • Chose your gown and share what youve bought with the grooms mother so you can coordinate your clothing.
  • Provide list of family and friends names and addresses for invitation list.
  • Be the hostess during the wedding. Make introductions, be sure that people are comfortable, etc. Do not let Bride worry about anything that day. (We are fortunate to have a reception site that provides a wedding planner, who will assist during that day. If there are things that I cant handle, I have her as my go-to person.)

That seems like a lot of work, but remember this is the one of the most important days in your daughters life. Also, if there is a great deal of time for planning, getting a calendar or planner to help you keep track of what needs to be done, your organization skills will come into good use and make these tasks easier.

Dont forget to enjoy this process with your daughter. It can be stressful at times, but more often, it is fun and can bring you closer together. This has been the case with us.

Billy Had To Move Book Review

Billy Had To Move by Theresa Ann Fraser, focuses on a boy named Billy who has been living with his grandmother for a while. He had been involved with Social Services when it was determined that his mother was unfit to care for him and he was placed in the care of his grandmother.

The story begins when Billy is at school and meets Mr. Murphy, a Social Worker, who has the unpleasant duty to tell Billy that his grandmother has died. Billy is sad, confused and afraid as he is taken out of school and brought to a foster home. He doesnt understand much about death and misses his grandmother and the life he had with her.

Move ahead a few months and Billy isnt sure if he is going to stay at the foster home, with Amy, Tim and their baby, Colly, but he is getting used to living there. He likes being around Colly and feels that Amy and Tim cares about him, but he is having nightmares, stomach aches and headaches. He worries that he will have to pick up and move again. He keeps thinking about his Nana. And,he is afraid to talk about his feelings.

Mr. Murphy keeps in touch with Billy and his foster family. Billy is then introduced to a play therapist who has lots of toys and games. She invites him into her office to play and doesnt make him talk. Billy loves the sand tray she offers for him to play with. At the end of their time together, Amy, the therapist, tells Billy that he can come back again to play. He doesnt have to talk but he is welcome to anytime.

Billy feels better after his time with the therapist and even looks forward to seeing her again. He realized that when he was with her that he didnt miss Amy. He smiles when they walk home and is able to push Colly in her stroller.

My Review: Billy Had To Move,  is helpful for children who are going into foster care for the first time or moving to a new foster home. It can also help a child who has experienced death of a loved one. The feelings that Billy goes through are written about from a childs point of view. Providing adult characters who are caring and helpful and want to protect Billy gives children hope. All in all, this book is about hope and people who are in helping professions providing help for children in need.

To Purchase: Visit and find Billy Had To Move: A Foster Care Story

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Airplane Jitters And Children

We are going on an airplane next week and my daughter has the jitters. Shes actually flown twice before but was too young to remember any of the first time and just a little of the second time. Many children are afraid of flying and their are many reasons for this. Some are due to anxiety, developmental disabilities, phobias, etc.

Some steps I am taking to help my daughter be less fearful:

  • We are talking about what to expect on a flight including how your ears can feel upon take off and landing, turbulence, getting on and off the plane, using the bathroom, etc.
  • Weve looked at photo of the inside of planes
  • Weve gathered some toys and books to take with her. Ive bought some new things to surprise her on the plane to distract her.
  • She is going to bring a stuffed animal that helps her feel calm
  • We are leaving early for the airport to avoid rushing
  • We are bringing snacks on board
  • She will sit next to either me or my husband

As it is getting closer to leaving, she is more focused on getting there, seeing her sister and the wedding. She is not as fearful as she was in the last month or so. I just plan on being calm and attentive to her needs before and during the flight.

Was your child afraid to get on a plane? What did you do to help him or her? What worked and what didn’t?

Travel With Me JetHeads Clean Pillowcases

My family and I havent been on a plane in ages, so when I received Travel With Me JetHeads Disposable Airline Pillowcases I wasnt sure what I would do with them. How could I forget that at the end of this month well be flying to Kansas for my daughters wedding? I didnt forget about the wedding, but was trying to forget about our means of transportation.

Im not fond of airplanes, not because Im afraid of crashes, but because I cant stand being in one place with a lot of people under some unhealthy conditions. Theres the recycled air, the closeness of sick people and the pillows that we use that most likely have been used previously. If you dont believe me, check out this article by Betsy Wade in the NY Times, where it states that most airlines change pillows at the end of the day, not the end of the flight. Yuck!

Im scared of germs and lice and micro-organisms, oh my! And with being able to carry on one piece of luggage per person, I cant take our own pillows on board. So well be taking JetHeads with us. They are made of a soft, comfortable, non-woven fabric. Now we can snuggle and nap and feel comfy without fear.

They come 2 to a package for $5.95 or 4 packages for $19.99. A portion of every sale is donated to the fight against breast cancer. Find them at Travel With Me.

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Im Having Twins Book Review

The first in the series of books My Friend Paris, Im Having Twins, is about a little girl who is going to be the big sister of twins. The author, Paris Morris, is 10 years old now (she was 9 when she wrote this book) and writes about her experience of waiting for her siblings to be born.

Focusing about what her life with her mother, father and extended family are like while her mother is pregnant with twins and her excitement and expectation of what it will be like after their birth, this book is perfect for any young children in the same position.

The questions Paris asks, the wonderment she experiences and her way of describing them makes this book just adorable. The illustrations are colorful and kid-friendly.

There are four other books in the series and even clothing featuring Paris and the twins available on the website.

To Purchase: Besides the My Friends Paris site, Im Having Twins is sold on

This review is courtesy of Parent Reviewers.

Chex Mix Bars Review And Giveaway


Congrats to Janet F, Angie and JMom! You have each won two boxes of Chex Mix Bars. I am emailing you now and will twitter this info too. Ill need a reply to my email within 48 hours for you to claim your prizes. Enjoy!

Chex Mix Bars are just the perfect for when you get a snack attack. I seem to get them in the late afternoon and late evening. For the afternoon, I want to be sure to eat something that is good enough to share with my daughter. She seems to hear the cabinet door open no matter how quiet I try to be.

Chex Mix Turtle Bars are a combination of chocolate bits (oh yes!), pretzel pieces and chex mix squares. It also has caramel swirled on top. The wonderful thing is that is made of whole grain and only 130 calories per bar.

The salty, sweet taste is delicious. One bar is filling enough to indulge my craving and being portable, they fit nicely into my purse for those times when I need something quick when Im away from home. There are six bars per box and each box has a Box Tops For Education tag.

Giveaway: Three Winners will receive Two Boxes of Chex Mix Bars.

The Rules:

  1. Contest starts now and ends Saturday, July 18th at midnight EST.
  2. Open to people in the US.
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  4. Winner has 2 days to claim prize.
  5. Have fun and tell your friends.

How To Enter:

For One Entry For Each Below: (please leave a separate comment for each entry)

  1. Leave a comment about what type of snack you like. You can leave one different comment per day.
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Mommy Guilt

Are you feeling Mommy Guilt? Did you take some time away from the kids to go shopping alone? Have you just returned from a date night? Maybe you bought yourself a new outfit? And then it started.

First you began thinking about your children alone, crying out for you, shoeless with a dirty shirt on and a diaper or a pair of underwear. Then you heard those voices in your head, telling you that you are selfish and a bad mother. Maybe you even worried about what your family and friends would think knowing that you enjoyed yourself, even forgot about the kids for a while and felt carefree.

Its totally normal to feel that way. You are not supposed to be chained to your children every minute of the day. You deserve, actually need some time off. It takes away the stress and helps you be a better person. Youll end up wanting to spend more quality time with your children.

When I get away for a while, I come back more energized. I enjoyed being around other adults and having grown up fun. I also like to be alone and either read, shop or just relax. Not having the responsibility of taking care of my daughter for a little while gives me the freedom and the me time I need.

Thanks to Mom It Forward and the #GNO on Twitter about Me Time held this past Tuesday for helping me come to grips with something Ive been dealing with for 22 years. It was even worse when I was a single mother. I hope we as mothers who have partners can help out single mothers by providing child care for example for them.

How do you feel about taking some time out for yourself? What prevents it?

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