Mommy Guilt

Are you feeling Mommy Guilt? Did you take some time away from the kids to go shopping alone? Have you just returned from a date night? Maybe you bought yourself a new outfit? And then it started.

First you began thinking about your children alone, crying out for you, shoeless with a dirty shirt on and a diaper or a pair of underwear. Then you heard those voices in your head, telling you that you are selfish and a bad mother. Maybe you even worried about what your family and friends would think knowing that you enjoyed yourself, even forgot about the kids for a while and felt carefree.

Its totally normal to feel that way. You are not supposed to be chained to your children every minute of the day. You deserve, actually need some time off. It takes away the stress and helps you be a better person. Youll end up wanting to spend more quality time with your children.

When I get away for a while, I come back more energized. I enjoyed being around other adults and having grown up fun. I also like to be alone and either read, shop or just relax. Not having the responsibility of taking care of my daughter for a little while gives me the freedom and the me time I need.

Thanks to Mom It Forward and the #GNO on Twitter about Me Time held this past Tuesday for helping me come to grips with something Ive been dealing with for 22 years. It was even worse when I was a single mother. I hope we as mothers who have partners can help out single mothers by providing child care for example for them.

How do you feel about taking some time out for yourself? What prevents it?

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