Im Having Twins Book Review

The first in the series of books My Friend Paris, Im Having Twins, is about a little girl who is going to be the big sister of twins. The author, Paris Morris, is 10 years old now (she was 9 when she wrote this book) and writes about her experience of waiting for her siblings to be born.

Focusing about what her life with her mother, father and extended family are like while her mother is pregnant with twins and her excitement and expectation of what it will be like after their birth, this book is perfect for any young children in the same position.

The questions Paris asks, the wonderment she experiences and her way of describing them makes this book just adorable. The illustrations are colorful and kid-friendly.

There are four other books in the series and even clothing featuring Paris and the twins available on the website.

To Purchase: Besides the My Friends Paris site, Im Having Twins is sold on

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