Travel With Me JetHeads Clean Pillowcases

My family and I havent been on a plane in ages, so when I received Travel With Me JetHeads Disposable Airline Pillowcases I wasnt sure what I would do with them. How could I forget that at the end of this month well be flying to Kansas for my daughters wedding? I didnt forget about the wedding, but was trying to forget about our means of transportation.

Im not fond of airplanes, not because Im afraid of crashes, but because I cant stand being in one place with a lot of people under some unhealthy conditions. Theres the recycled air, the closeness of sick people and the pillows that we use that most likely have been used previously. If you dont believe me, check out this article by Betsy Wade in the NY Times, where it states that most airlines change pillows at the end of the day, not the end of the flight. Yuck!

Im scared of germs and lice and micro-organisms, oh my! And with being able to carry on one piece of luggage per person, I cant take our own pillows on board. So well be taking JetHeads with us. They are made of a soft, comfortable, non-woven fabric. Now we can snuggle and nap and feel comfy without fear.

They come 2 to a package for $5.95 or 4 packages for $19.99. A portion of every sale is donated to the fight against breast cancer. Find them at Travel With Me.

Review courtesy of Parent Reviewers.

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