Airplane Jitters And Children

We are going on an airplane next week and my daughter has the jitters. Shes actually flown twice before but was too young to remember any of the first time and just a little of the second time. Many children are afraid of flying and their are many reasons for this. Some are due to anxiety, developmental disabilities, phobias, etc.

Some steps I am taking to help my daughter be less fearful:

  • We are talking about what to expect on a flight including how your ears can feel upon take off and landing, turbulence, getting on and off the plane, using the bathroom, etc.
  • Weve looked at photo of the inside of planes
  • Weve gathered some toys and books to take with her. Ive bought some new things to surprise her on the plane to distract her.
  • She is going to bring a stuffed animal that helps her feel calm
  • We are leaving early for the airport to avoid rushing
  • We are bringing snacks on board
  • She will sit next to either me or my husband

As it is getting closer to leaving, she is more focused on getting there, seeing her sister and the wedding. She is not as fearful as she was in the last month or so. I just plan on being calm and attentive to her needs before and during the flight.

Was your child afraid to get on a plane? What did you do to help him or her? What worked and what didn’t?

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