Billy Had To Move Book Review

Billy Had To Move by Theresa Ann Fraser, focuses on a boy named Billy who has been living with his grandmother for a while. He had been involved with Social Services when it was determined that his mother was unfit to care for him and he was placed in the care of his grandmother.

The story begins when Billy is at school and meets Mr. Murphy, a Social Worker, who has the unpleasant duty to tell Billy that his grandmother has died. Billy is sad, confused and afraid as he is taken out of school and brought to a foster home. He doesnt understand much about death and misses his grandmother and the life he had with her.

Move ahead a few months and Billy isnt sure if he is going to stay at the foster home, with Amy, Tim and their baby, Colly, but he is getting used to living there. He likes being around Colly and feels that Amy and Tim cares about him, but he is having nightmares, stomach aches and headaches. He worries that he will have to pick up and move again. He keeps thinking about his Nana. And,he is afraid to talk about his feelings.

Mr. Murphy keeps in touch with Billy and his foster family. Billy is then introduced to a play therapist who has lots of toys and games. She invites him into her office to play and doesnt make him talk. Billy loves the sand tray she offers for him to play with. At the end of their time together, Amy, the therapist, tells Billy that he can come back again to play. He doesnt have to talk but he is welcome to anytime.

Billy feels better after his time with the therapist and even looks forward to seeing her again. He realized that when he was with her that he didnt miss Amy. He smiles when they walk home and is able to push Colly in her stroller.

My Review: Billy Had To Move,  is helpful for children who are going into foster care for the first time or moving to a new foster home. It can also help a child who has experienced death of a loved one. The feelings that Billy goes through are written about from a childs point of view. Providing adult characters who are caring and helpful and want to protect Billy gives children hope. All in all, this book is about hope and people who are in helping professions providing help for children in need.

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