Back To School Schedule

We began working on getting back into the swing of things about a week before school started. Our back to school schedule has been working out very well. My daughter has no trouble waking up and getting ready for school.

There has been a change in her school hours though. She is in school about a half an hour longer than last year. That doesnt sound like much, but it throws off our home schedule, especially dinner time. Weve come up with one solution where she eats her snack while doing some of her homework. We look over what is required and chose something that is easy for her to do.

I sit with her while shes eating and work with her a bit. Then shes on her own with her homework. I do check it of course. Next we work together on some chores which help her calm down after her day in school. After dinner, she has plenty of time to play, talk on the phone and read. Bedtime is a set time every night.

Having a schedule makes school time easier and calmer for parents and children. No more yelling in my house!

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