Quickly The Magic Spatula Book Review

Quickly: The Magic Spatula is a heartwarming book that reminds adults of stories from our childhood and how important the little things in our family really are. For children, this book helps create memories and start discussions about family, love and imagination.

The story of Quickly begins when a brother and sister are children who played in their attic. It fast forwards to them as adults who are looking through the boxes of the same attic. Their mother had passed away and they now had children of their own. It is not a sad time though, but a time of memories, of time spent with their mother when she did ordinary things that lots of moms do including cooking breakfast for them on Sunday mornings.

The object that helps bring back these striking memories filled with admiration, enduring love and vivid details was a spatula. That spatula, now old and dim, was at one time shiny and put into use for those Sunday pancake breakfasts. The story of how it becomes named Quickly is told in a mesmerizing way. The illustrations help bring it to life.

Share this with your child between the ages of 2 8 and allow them to tell or write their own story in this book or online at the Quickly: The Magic Spatula website. Theres even questions to go over with your children, and information about the authors.

Purchase: Quickly: The Magic Spatula for $11.65 on Amazon.com

I was compensated with a copy of the book for this review. All opinions are mine. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more details. Thank you to Parent Reviewers for the opportunity to review this book.

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