Ferdinand The Frog Uses The Potty Book Review

Ferdinand Uses the Potty is a book with colorful images, rhymes and humor and a built in lesson for your child about toilet training. Covering a topic that can cause problems among parents of all walks of life, this book is a fun way to get your child to open up about his fears or concerns about potty training.

Ferdinand, a yellow frog,  wets his bed one night, but has no idea what has happened. When he tells his friend, a boy, who has gone through the same thing, he is told how to handle it use the toilet. But Ferdinand remembers what happens with toilets:

Oh no, said the frog, Im not going in there. Ive heard the loud sound that thing makes! Every time you go in there, I hear a WHOOSH sound, Im afraid that thing gives me the shakes!

Soon, though, Ferdinand conquers his fear and is very proud of himself. His fear is put into words that are easily understood by toddlers as well as the way that he gets over them. Written by Jay Tucker, a father, teacher and writer and illustrated by D.E. West, a father, husband, graphic designer and artist, Ferdinand Uses the Potty: An Empowering Toilet Training Tale is published by Loving Press.

My Review: The rhyming, adorable character, Ferdinand and the bright, cherry illustrations make this a book that your child will want you to read again and again. My daughter had major fears of potty training and I wish that I had this for her. Seeing a frog go through it with the help of a child is a creative move. I recommend this to parents who are in the throes of potty training of going to give it a start.

To Purchase: Available on Amazon.com for $11.86

You can also read a parents guide, get coloring pages and play Frogger on the Ferdie the Frog website.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of the book by Loving Press and The Parent Reviewers for this review. The opinions stated here are my own.

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