Catty Wompus Book Review

Catty Wompus teaches one of the most important life lessons that children (and adults) can learn be the friend you want to be. Catty is a spoiled girl who loves things, not people. At least thats how it seems. Shes the rich girl who dresses well, has the latest toys and acts as if shes above other children.

From an adult point of view, you can see that Catty is lonely. From a childs point of view, she comes across as mean, especially when she tells a girl that her clothing was ugly. This girl, Lucy Hope,  feels sad and angry about this offense.

When she tells her mother about what happened, her mother gives her advice about Catty. She doesnt tell Lucy to avoid her or to get back at her. She says, Her heart is empty, dont you see? Lucy considers this and decides to become friends with Catty. What will the outcome be? Read Catty Wompus A Tale of Friendship to find out!

My Review: Catty Wompus should be required reading for every child! The author, Julie Howe has written about a true experience that has left an imprint on her. This story will leave an imprint on you and your child. The messages about friendship, reaching out to others, kindness in the face of meanness is something we all need to learn and re-learn.

Purchase: Catty Wompus A Tale of Friendship is available on for $14.50.

More Information:  Read about the author, the book and the illustrator, Chason Matthews from the Catty Wompus website.

Disclosure: I received this book as part of a book tour with Parent Reviewers. All opinions are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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