Snow Takes The Checker Book Review

Snow Takes The Checker combines horses, other animals and NASCAR to promote land conservation. No worries though, the book is all fun and adventure.  Follow Snow, a horse and his best friend, Tuga, a turtle as they prepare and take part in the Animal 500.

The Animal 500 is the most difficult race of the year and although Snow wants to win, he remembers to keep be a teammate. Even when another racer tries to play dirty, Snow remains polite as he was taught. The race itself through the illustrations and the writing is very exciting.

Written by Demi Knight Clark, Snow Takes the Checker! is one in a series of books about Snow. All books support Racing for Wildlife. Ryan Newman, #39 of NASCAR, has teamed with the author and the non-profit to help keep untouched spaces outdoors for animals.

My Review: Snow Takes the Checker will keep your childs attention easily. Its as if you are hearing a sportscaster talk you through the twists and turns of a race. The illustrations are colorful and inviting. Youre sure to hear, read this again! the lessons of friendship and being a team player ring throughout the story.

Purchase: Snow Takes the Checker! is available on for $12.55 or from the website The Snow Horse.

Disclosure: I was provided with this book for a book tour by Parent Reviewers. All opinions are my own. Please see my Disclosure Policy for more information.

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