Wright On Time Book Series Review

Wright On Time is a book series about a homeschooling family who travels across the United States in their RV. The first book in the series is Arizona where the family goes mining in a cave. The daughter, Nadia (age 11) is excited to find gemstones and the son, Aidan (age 7) wants to learn more about bats. Nadia is more knowledgeable about gems and caves. In the cave, they discover a mysterious item after almost getting trapped in the cave overnight. The parents, Stephanie and Harrison, take part in the activities that are planned along the way and they use them as lessons for the childrens schooling.

In the second book, Utah, they travel to an archeologist station where they discover dinosaur bones. Aidan dreams of becoming an archeologist. This time he knows more than his sister which make him feel proud. With the help of their fathers two friends, they are able to discover what the pictures mean on the mysterious item from the cave in Arizona.

Sammis Review (age 11): I liked the glossary because I was able to learn what the unusual words meant. The children in the book lived an exciting life traveling through the country and being homeschooled about the things they saw. I imagined myself living a life like that. It was confusing not reading the children calling their parents Mom and Dad. I felt that books were for younger aged children than me, though because I was able to read them very quickly.

Purchase: Wright On Time: Arizona, Book 1 is available for $12.99, Wright On Time: Utah, Book 2 is available for $12.99. Buy both for $25. All orders are signed by the author, Lisa M. Cottrell-Bentley.

Coloring Pages: Theres free coloring pages that can be used as Flat Nadias and Flat Aidans

Learn More: Find the next book in the series, ask questions about the books and learn about contests to be considered as a character in one of the upcoming books.

Both books were provided by Parent Reviewers for a blog tour about the Wright on Time book series.

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