Preparing For Middle School This Summer

Were preparing our daughter for middle school this summer. Do we sound like awful parents who wont allow our daughter to enjoy her summer vacation? Just take a look at what were doing and then judge us!

Social Skills Readiness

In middle school, children will be meeting new students from other schools and from home school. This is a time of making new friends.  For some children, this is something they can handle easily, for others it is one of the most frightening events in their lives. Our daughter is in between. Shes not shy, but doesnt make friends easily.

Were preparing her by registering her for summer activities where she doesnt know anyone. When we travel, shell go off to the childrens events on her own. Shes been reading books about friendship and Ive bought one for her as a surprise to read over the summer Fab Friends And Best Buds: Real Girls On Making Forever Friends

Getting Organized

Weve already started helping our daughter get better organized during the end of this school year,  but will work on it more over the summer. Shes going to be responsible for getting herself ready in the morning. When we go out for the day shes going to be in charge of bringing her belongings. When we travel, shes going to pack for herself. Well be buying school supplies that she can use to help in this area too. Shell be using her calendar and the one on her computer to remember important dates.

Shell be rewarded for her accomplishments over the summer and of course when school begins again. She wants more time on the computer, to see movies and to have friends over the house. All fine with us.

More Focus on Academics

When we went to the middle school open house, we were given a list of  the Florida Sunshine State books, which are recommended reading for students based on their grade level. The principal stated in his speech to us that this was not required reading, but since our daughter enjoys reading, shell be going through the list. To keep her focused on math, one of problem subjects, well be using math in our daily lives. Well have her choose the lowest price items when we shop, figure out the tip when we eat out, help with measuring when we cook, etc. Shell also play math games online.

She enjoys meteorology so shell track the weather for our trips, keep track of the tropical storms and hurricanes and play with a new weather device she received as a gift. None of these are things that she doesnt enjoy. We plan on making them fun and exciting for her.

Keeping Communication Open

We have worked at keeping communication open between us and our daughter, but this summer we are going to work extra hard at this. We want her to voice any concerns she has about starting middle school.

Visiting The School

There are a few opportunities to visit the middle school over the summer and well take advantage of them. We need to fill out forms when she decides what sport shes interested in. I signed up for the PTSA so Ill go to any meetings or see if theres any volunteer events where we can help. Theres also another open house right before school starts which well attend.

Book Recommendation

We already purchased this book and highly recommend it Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbook, The: Middle School (Worst Case Scenario Junior Editions).  It covers everything from what to do if youre bullied to how to cope with pimples.

Are you more concerned about moving on to middle school than your child? What did you do to prepare your child for middle school?

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