Dental Health For Children

I recently found a battery powered toothbrush that helps my daughter stay interested in cleaning her teeth, but having her maintain her dental health has been a big issue this past year. On top of that, she has problems with her teeth that she was born with. Shes only 11 and has had 3 oral surgeries. She will definitely need braces and possibly further surgery.

Keeping her teeth healthy is a chore. Its hard to clean her teeth because she has a small mouth, because her teeth are crowded and because she doesnt make it a priority. My husband and I have done many things including using a reward system to help her brush her teeth, but nothing seems to work.

I dread if shell need more oral surgery or dental work that requires needles.  When she had an IV in the past, it was scary for all of us. Were fortunate to have an oral surgeon and his staff that works well with our daughter. I understand that theres a San Diego sedation dentist that does good work too. We live in Florida so traveling there is out of the question, but for anyone in that area take a look at what he does.

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