Getting Ready For Baby?

If youre getting ready for baby it may be time to do some shopping to get the nursery in order too.  Some people wait until a certain month to buy anything for the baby out of superstition or family tradition, but when youre in your 7th month, its time to start looking at a few essentials.

Buying baby furniture can be a long process because there are so many choices. You may want to go modern or traditional. You may want to spend a lot of money and decorate to your hearts content or be frugal but still make the room show all of the love you have for your baby. Deciding on colors, types of wood, fabrics, convenience and of course safety are other reasons to start doing some research and then actually shopping.

Make a list of the items youll need for the nursery from books or searching online. Then go through to see what is necessary for you and your family. If you have some hand-me-downs, check to see if theyve been recalled before putting them into use again.

Sometimes youll be lucky and find a collection of furniture that you like and settle on. That makes getting ready so much easier! For example the Oeuf Furniture Collection is one that you may fall in love with. You can start with the Oeuf crib which is in natural birch and then go from there. Add sheets, wall hangings, a dresser, the mattress, possibly a bassinet and dont forget the Oeuf changing station.

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